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1. Argentine ants, Linepithema humile, specimens from Lakeside.
Also collected at Calvinia, Kleinmond, Ceres [mountainside]; Oudebos, Nieuwoudtville, Red Hill, Rondebosch, Marina da Gama, Zandvlei, Stanford, Hermanus etc etc

2. White-footed ant [I presume], Technomyrmex albipes [could be T. pallipes?]
Collected from Lakeside. Also collected at Waterfalls Cottage near Stanford.

3. Brown house ants, Pheidole capensis or P. megacephala, specimens from Oudebos, also collected at Silvermine, Tokai, Agter-Pakhuis (Sevilla), Tankwa Karoo, Sutherland, Nieuwoudtville, Ceres, Biedouw Valley

4. Small black sugar ant, Lepisiota capensis, specimen from Sevilla. Also collected at Oudebos, Bordjiesrif [Cape Point], Doordrift Constantia, Tokai,  Mount Nelson Hotel, Rooisand Kleinmond.

5. Balbyter ant, Camponotus fulvopilosus. Specimen from Tankwa Karoo. Also collected at Sutherland, Sevilla,  Kokerboomwoud Nieuwoudtville, Biedouw, Doringbos and near Calvinia
6. Spotted sugar ants, Camponotus maculatus, specimens from Sevilla. Also collected at Silvermine and Kleinmond.
7. Hairy sugar ant, Camponotus niveosetosus, specimen from Oudebos. Also collected at Tsitsikamma [?], Stanford
8. Large black sugar ant, Camponotus werthi, collected at Lakeside [!]. It may have come with plants from Kirstenbosch nursery.
9. Large pugnacious ant, Anoplolepis custodiens, collected at Ceres near caravan park. Curiously, I have not yet found it elsewhere.
10. Small pugnacious ant, Anoplolepis steingroeverii, specimens from Oudebos. Also collected at Sevilla, Ceres, Tankwa Karoo, Biedouw, Doring River, Kleinmond Rooisand, Betty's Bay, Silvermine, Cape Point, Red Hill, Stanford Waterfalls
11. Black feigning ant, Tetramorium sp [?], collected at Sevilla. Curls up and feigns death when touched. Common at Sevilla, seems to be a harvester. About 4mm long and heavier set than T. quadrispinosum; black but could almost be confused with a Pheidole major [which it definitely isn't!] More info anyone?
12. Black garden ant, Tetramorium quadrspinosum, collected at Oudebos. Also at Sevilla.
13. Hotrod ant, Ocymyrmex barbiger, collected [upper pic] at Sevilla [where they are surprisingly common] and Oudebos [lower pic]. Also collected in the Roggeveld north of Sutherland.
14. Drop-tail ant, Myrmicaria nigra, collected at Silvermine. Also at Ceres.
15. Cocktail ant, Crematogaster peringueyi, collected at Cape Point. Also at Red Hill, Kleinmond, Oudebos, Sevilla, Vlakkenberg, Stanford Waterfalls
16. Harvester ants, Messor capensis, specimens from Sevilla. Also collected at Tankwa Karoo and Hantam Botanical Garden at Nieuwoudtville.
17. Small yellow ant, Monomorium modestum [?], specimen from Cape Point. Also at Waterfalls, Stanford, and Oudebos.
18. Slender ant, Tetraponera clypeata, specimen from Lakeside! -- possibly on plants brought from Kirstenbosch nursery. Also collected at Silvermine and Kleinmond.
19. Red driver ant major, Dorylus helvolus. Collected at Kleinmond. Not yet encountered elsewhere.
Specimens of these and other species waiting to be drawn: about ten so far [inc Bothroponera and some other Camponotus as well as some males and females of the above]. Intend to do a perspective and a 'flat' for each in due course.

All illustrations ©Peter Slingsby

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